Seattle WA is a Camarilla controlled city watched over by Prince Gibson of Clan Toreador. There is a strong Anarch and unaligned presence, and in an attempt to extend an olive branch, in a HIGHLY unusual twist, Gibson has actually allowed an Unaligned Representative to sit on the Primogen Council. Not all of the Primogen are thrilled with this, and there are several kindred plotting their own intrigues to usurp Gibson’s rule and eradicate the unaligned from their city. Those loyal to Gibson, Nathaniel DeLapoer, Alowishiss Clockwise and Alexander Voshkov chief among them, are doing their best to root out the traitors in their midst, but there are very few whose loyalties can be known for certain. It’s a fragile appearance of peace at best and at any moment the balance of power could tip or outright war could erupt. If war were to break out, would the Anarchs respect what Gibson has tried to do for them and join his side of the struggle, or would they use the chaos as an opportunity to drive the Camarilla from the city entirely?
In addition to this internal strife, the lands to the south of the city are controlled by the Garou who will eagerly slaughter any kindred foolish enough to intrude on their territory, and beyond that there are rumours that the Sabbat have taken control of Portland OR and are hungry to expand their domain to the north.

Welcome to the rest of your Unlife. Hope you survive the ride.

Seattle by Night

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